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Posted by On April 18, 2018

Alberto Arizu renews term as president of Wines of Argentina

Alberto Arizu renews term as president of Wines of Argentina 18th April, 2018 by Lauren Eads

Alberto Arizu has renewed his mandate as president of Wines of Argentina (WofA) for the next two years, while Argentine wine specialist Phil Crozier, director of wine at Gaucho, has been named as the organisation’s new brand ambassador for UK and Europe.

Alberto Arizu

At the organisation’s general assembly on 11 April, Alberto Ar izu was re-elected as president of Wines of Argentina â€" the institution responsible for promoting the brand ‘Vino Argentino’ in the world â€" his fourth period as president of the institution having held the post in 2010, 2013 and 2016.

“WofA is synonymous with the commitment that unites all the entrepreneurs of the Argentine vitiviniculture that make up this organisation, working hard to ensure so that our wine is enjoyed in more and more places,” said Arizu. “Today we have renewed the authorities once again and I appreciate the confidence in the re-election of my mandate”.

Arizu graduated with a degree in business administration from the National University of Cuyo, and went on to achieve a postgraduate in strategic marketing at the United States International University of San Diego, and completed a management development program at the IAE Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires.

He is also commercial director of the Arizu family winery, Luigi Bosc a, and has been instrumental in co-ordinating activities to promote Argentine wine in international markets, including Malbec World Day which takes place around the world every April 17.

Phil Crozier, director of wine at Gaucho, has been appointed brand ambassador for Wines of Argentina in the UK and Europe

Phil Crozier, the founder of UK chain of Argentine restaurants Gaucho, has also been brought on board to support the efforts of Wines of Argentina, having been appointed as the organisation’s brand ambassador for the UK and Europe.

Crozier will be responsible for guiding the strategy and managing activities to raise the premium perception of Argentine wines, with a particular emphasis on the on-trade.

Crozier is the director of wines at Gaucho, which has become a flagship institution for Argentine wine, and a specialist in Argentine wi ne, having done much to promote its diversity of styles and terroirs to support its success in the premium UK on-trade.

Exports of Argentine wine to the UK have increase by more than 77% in the past four years (2013-2017), with off-trade sales of Argentine wines growing by 19% in the past year, according to Nielsen.

Phil Crozier was recommended for the role by Andrew Maidment, former head of Wines of Argentina in Europe, who has been at the forefront of WofA’s efforts in Europe and Asia for the past 10 years. He stepped down from the role last month.

“It has been a huge privilege to have worked at Wines of Argentina for so long and during such a successful period for the country,” he said.

“There has been a seismic shift in the global popularity Argentine wine industry during this time, and today Argentina is undoubtedly one of most exciting wine producing nations in the world. On both a personal and professional level it has been a pleasure to h ave worked on innovative projects with so many outstanding people â€" and I want to thank everyone for making me part of the Argentine wine family.”

Source: Google News Argentina | Netizen 24 Argentina

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Posted by On April 18, 2018

Sergio Aguero World Cup spot unlikely after knee surgery - Argentina doctor

7:59 AM ET

  • Adriana Garcia

Argentina Football Association (AFA) doctor Homero D'Agostino does not expect Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero to be fit for the World Cup after undergoing a left knee operation.

Aguero aggravated a knee injury during the Manchester derby earlier this month and underwent arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday in Barcelona.

He is set to miss the remainder of the campaign with City but should recover ahead of Argentina's World Cup opener against Iceland on June 16.

"That a player has undergone an arthroscope with 60 days to go before the World Cup is worrying," D'Agostino told Radio 10. "The recovery process will require at least five weeks. When one has old injuries, the recovery process is not as fast as one would like it to be. It's never going to be less than three or four weeks, or even more.

"I imagine that he will not arrive 100 percent fit with the limited time that is left before the World Cup. The anatomy is the anatomy. The injury is what it is. He can try but I don't think he will arrive 100 percent."

City's top scorer this season with 30 goals in all competitions, Aguero missed Argentina's international friendlies against Italy and Spain last month.

He has not started a game since March 4 but made late substitute appearances in the home defeats to Manchester United and Liverpool.

D'Agostino believes surgery was the only option left for Aguero.

"The important thing is to know what he had," he said. "The doctors would have tried to resolve the issue in a conservative manner, non-surgically, but they were unsuccessful. The arthroscopy is a process that you do when there are old injuries."

Aguero's father, Leonel del Castillo, is more optimistic after speaking to his son following the surgery.

"I spoke to Sergio and he is well," Del Castillo told Radio La Red. "He had the surgery in order to arrive in good shape at the World Cup without problems. He is in good spirits. He got hurt during training [on March 11] and then aggravated the injury in the Manchester derby.

"He will remain two or three days in the clinic and then he will spend a further few days recovering [in Barcelona]. He will return to Manchester in eight or nine days. Sergio told me that he will be training in 20 days. Perhaps he could play the penultimate or the last game [for City] but I don't know."

City clinched the Premier League title on Sunday with five games remaining when United lost 1-0 at home to West Bromwich Albion.

Meanwhile, Argentine media have begun debating whether Aguero should be called up by Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli for the World Cup.

Radio La Red asked its listeners on Twitter about Aguero's se lection and Clarin analysed how a lack of playing time will impact the striker during the competition.

Source: Google News Argentina | Netizen 24 Argentina


Posted by On April 17, 2018

Photo of freaky monster terrorizing Santa Fe, Argentina

Photo of freaky monster terrorizing Santa Fe, Argentina

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A resident of Santa Fe, Argentina snapped this photo of a horrific beast that allegedly is killing dogs in the town. It's said to be 7-feet-tall and resemble a cross between a horse and El Chupacabra. YouTube channel UFOmania reported on the creature so perhaps the most reasonable explanation is that it's an evil extraterrestrial that hates doggos.

(iHeartRadio via Fark)


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Source: Google News Argentina | Netizen 24 Argentina


Posted by On April 17, 2018

Teatro Vista recalls Argentina's defiant women with 'The Madres'

Discussing her new play “The Madres,” playwright Stephanie Walker thinks back to 1980 when as a 5-year-old she first visited Argentina, a country where she had family connections. She recalls one disturbing memory from those early visits: soldiers with guns in public places.

“Buenos Aires was like a normal city but then you’d see the military,” Walker says. “They were very visible. It was an image that has always stayed with me.”

‘The Madres’
When: April 21-May 27
Where: Teatro Vista at Victory Gardens, 2433 N. Lincoln
Tickets: $20-$45

From 1976-1983, a military dictatorship ruled Argentina. During this time an estimated 30,000 people disappeared when they refused to conform to the rules of what was called the Process of National Reorganization. One infamous torture site was located in a stately building in an upscale Buenos Aires neighborhood.

“The thing to understand about this time period in Buenos Aires is that there was such a culture of silence,” Walker explains. “So many Argentines themselves didn’t believe anything bad was actually happening. Even my family there didn’t talk about it.”

In spite of the danger, it was the mothers of the disappeared who fought back by gathering every Thursday in the Plaza de Mayo to march in protest. Wearing white headscarves embroidered with the names of the missing, they called attention to the plight of their children and grandchildren.

Ivonne Coll stars as Josephina in “The Madres. | Joel Maisonet

Walker’s play recalls this time. Staged by Teatro Vista and directed by Ricardo Gutierrez, “The Madres” tells the story of three generations of these women â€" grandmother Josefi na (Ivonne Coll), her daughter Carolina (Lorena Diaz) and granddaughter Belen (Ilse Zacharias) â€" and their attempt to keep their family together despite threats from the repressive government. Warning them to conform are a morally compromised priest (Ramon Carmin) and a neighborhood boy (Felipe Carrasco) now a soldier working with the government.

In 1998, Walker was living and working in Buenos Aires when a friend who was making a documentary on The Madres invited her to join in a march one Thursday.

“I was really impacted by the experience,” Walker recalls. “When I came back to the States, I would mention The Madres but most people had no idea about this period in Argentina’s history. That spurred me on to do more research.”

But it wasn’t until 2015 that she actually tackled the story of The Madres. “It just poured out of me,” recalls Walker, who grew up in suburban Barrington and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two young sons.

Gutierrez feels the play is “a great celebration of women, particularly mothers and motherhood.”

“These courageous women were faced with a psychological chess match to try and determine how open and free they could be,” he says. “It makes you wonder how you would confront a similar situation. That if you do it with courage, resilience and some humor, maybe you’ll just survive.”

Cast member Coll was last seen locally in the Goodman Theatre’s 2004 staging of Luis Alfaro’s “Electricidad” and is now a regular on the telenovela “Jane the Virgin,” where she plays family matriarch Alba Villanueva.

It was during the Goodman run that she became a Teatro Vista ensemble member; the company has been trying to get her back ever since, and schedules finally aligned. In “The Madres,” Coll portrays another matriarch, Josefina, a grandmother who feels safe cocooned in her home where her knitting and detailed housecleaning bring her comfort eve n as what is happening around her begins to demand attention.

Director Ricardo Gutierrez rehearses the cast of “The Madres.” | Joel Maisonet

“What attracted me to Josefina is that she is very traditional but realizes that she has to make a decision, to take a courageous step,” Coll says. “The Madres are a force to be reckoned with. You can’t help but admire and respect them.”

First it was the mothers marching for their children, and then it became The Abuelas, the grandmothers, who through a DNA data bank began searching for their grandchildren who were taken from their imprisoned mothers as babies and given to government-friendly couples to raise. So far they have located and identified nearly 130 grandchildren; their search continues.

“I hope the play is a reminder that we really can never fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to basic human righ ts,” Walker says. “I hope it inspires people to look deeper into what happened in Argentina and to start paying attention to things happening in other countries. Because if you forget history, it’s bound to repeat itself.”

Mary Houlihan is a Chicago-based freelance writer.

Source: Google News Argentina | Netizen 24 Argentina

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Posted by On April 17, 2018

Argentina 'can relax' on Lionel Messi's fitness worries - Barcelona coach

Apr 16, 2018

  • Sam Marsden

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde has told Argentina the country does not need to worry about Lionel Messi's fitness going into the World Cup this summer.

Messi, 30, missed Argentina's friendlies against Italy and Spain in March with a hamstring injury but has featured in all five of Barca's games since he returned from international duty, starting four of them.

However, he failed to score in either leg as Barca were stunned in the Champions League quarterfinals by Roma. His performances against the Serie A side have even led to concern in his homeland that he's still not fully recovered from his injury problems.

The games continue to come thick and fast for the Catalan side, too, with Tuesday's trip to Celta Vigo in the league followed by the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla at the Wanda Metropolit ano on Saturday.

With that final in mind, Valverde revealed he may rest Messi against Celta, although he assured Argentina that they have no reason to be concerned.

"There's a possibility that [Messi] rests, as is the case with other players," he said in a news conference on Monday.

"But there's nothing to worry about. He played well the other day against Valencia. I don't know what else to say, but they can relax in Argentina. There's a long way to go before the World Cup."

Messi has been an ever-present for Barca this season, making 48 appearances in all competitions and scoring 39 goals.

In total he has missed just four games, three in the early rounds of the Copa del Rey and the league match away at Malaga when he was given special permission to remain in Barcelona following the birth of his third son.

Following their European exit, Barca have just seven games remaining this season -- six in the league a nd one in the cup.

They need just seven points from their remaining La Liga fixtures to secure their seventh title in 10 years, while they're also attempting to become the first-ever side to remain unbeaten through an entire top-flight season in Spain.

Barca's final league game of the season will be played the weekend of May 20, almost one month before Argentina kick off their World Cup campaign in Russia against Iceland on June 16.

Source: Google News Argentina | Netizen 24 Argentina