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Virgin Mary statue filmed 'crying tears of blood' in Argentina

Posted by On August 11, 2018

Virgin Mary statue filmed 'crying tears of blood' in Argentina

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been filmed apparently crying tears of blood in what believers are calling a ‘miracle’.

Owner Frias Mendoza, from Argentina, claims the statue has ‘cried’ before â€" but this is the first time it has been caught on video.

Mr Mendoza, from San Jose de Metan, in Salta, north-west Argentina, says he was visited in a dream by the Virgin Mary the night before he first witnessed the so-called ‘miracle’.

He said: ‘I thought it was some kind of punishment and was scared.’

People have been flocking to see the 50 cm statue in Mr Mendoza’s home, but the family received so many visitors their living room became a shrine and the statue had to be moved to a local church.

Footage filmed by a visitor shows the face of the statue with what appears to be a blood red liquid running down both cheeks.

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Mr Mendoza claims he has seen tears, sometimes made of crystals, on the faces of the gold-painted plaster statue several times in the last year.

Local people have been divided over the claims, with some saying the Virgin is crying over government proposals to liberalise Argentina’s strict abortion laws.

But others are not convinced. One sceptical person joked: ‘The local parish priest must have done a degree in marketing.’

‘Weeping’ statues have been an alleged phenomenon around the world for many years.

Recently in the US state of New Mexico, a seven foot bronze statue of the Virgin was said to have wept tears of olive oi l.

The church says it always looks for a scientific explanation before a supernatural one.

But despite the skepticism, so far no scientific explanation has been forthcoming.

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